Shine Your Light on Happiness

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

Anne Frank

kylie riordan babyI wish that I could say I have had that pivotal moment where I have thought yep I’ve got this in the bag… this is it… my life is perfect now.  Life doesn’t work like that.  It is a work in progress and no matter how hard we try to avoid it we are always going to have to face hard times.

We do have control over our happiness and ultimately happiness is a choice.  I have made the choice to keep persevering, to choose happiness.  I have been fortunate to have many moments that have helped make my life a little brighter… there have been a few moments that have shaded my life a little lighter than black, maybe grey.  I see this as progress.

A person grows by following the drive inside of them, by learning to release any fear stopping them from shining their light on earth, even when it is easier to just walk away.  I’m sure Mother Teresa’s job was not an easy one.  The world is a much better place because she shined her light.

I have made the choice to try to live and breathe happiness.  Each day when I wake up I choose to express gratitude for this glorious life.  It is not always easy but it is worth it.  I have so much to be grateful for yes, but I have also had some pretty crappy things thrown my way.  I am not a lucky person that has been blessed with a perfect life; instead I am a person who chooses to see the blessings in what life dishes me.  I guess I am a lucky person in that respect.  I just have to remember this on shitty days.

When people complain about how easy other people have it, I disagree as nobody has it easy.  Every single one of us has been dealt a couple of ‘bad’ deals in our life but it is how we choose to throw the ‘bad’ cards in and hold onto the good deals that equates to happiness.

We have a responsibility in life to not only ourselves, or family but to the collective consciousness of our planet. When you look at it that way choosing happiness takes on a bigger importance.  Make the choice today, to be happy or to not be happy?  The law of manifestation says that what you believe, feel and think you will attract into your life.  If this is the case if you choose to be happy the universe will give you more things to be happy about.  Awesome! That’s my cup of tea.

Remember we are all doing the best we can do with the consciousness we have.  We are a work in progress. Like an artist develops their skills, so do we humans.  For one moment let your imagination soar, imagine being completely happy.  Imagine being the next version of Oprah.  You can do it.  The world needs your light. Shine it brightly, so brightly you will blind others.

It is a lot of effort to choose to be happy all the time; but eventually it becomes second nature.  There will be times spent in bad spaces…  don’t give up, dig yourself out, whether it’s by medication, exercise, diet changes, supports groups, prayer meditation, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you keep trying. People depend on you, earth depends on you but mostly you depend on you.

Joy is a gift the universe gives to you, embrace it and remember life is sublimely glorious.  Forget about the bad day you had yesterday.  Tomorrow is a brand you day, a new page in your book.  What will your story be?  Make it a happy one.

By Kylie Riordan


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4 thoughts on “Shine Your Light on Happiness

  1. I needed to hear this. When day in and day out you are trying to achieve the goals you want to achieve and for some reason it is not happening as fast as you like, it is easy to get discouraged. But I have to remember to keep going and to choose to be happy while I do it.


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