Finding Kindness Outside of Survival Mode

Kindness Blog

Finding Kindness Outside of Survival Mode

by Kylie Riordan


Kindness goes beyond the act; there is sacredness to it. When performing an act of kindness you are admitting that you are one with another soul. In that moment you are putting someone else first. You are thinking with your heart and soul. Kindness helps you to remember that essence of love that you were inherently built from and connects you to the divine.

Looking back on your life you may remember a time where you felt connected, where you felt at peace. Kindness tends to come naturally at these times.

Sometimes kindness doesn’t come so easy. Human life is built on survival. A need to make sure we make enough money to fit into society, to live. Living in the survival mode doesn’t allow much room for acts of kindness to grace life. When living in the survival mode there…

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