The Essence of Love


    “Love more deeply today… just because”  ~ Kylie Riordan 


Love is one of the most talked about themes on earth.  Unlike emotions that come and go, love is a constant, even though it changes in intensity and often moves from one person to  the next, it will always be present in our lives.  Many decisions are based on love.  Songs are written about love and most of the greatest movies and books of all time are about one thing… love.

Love is the grounding force for life.  It is what inspires us to learn, to grow to evolve.  With love and through love we get to experience some of life’s greatest teachers, anger, sadness, joy, elation, fear, happiness and ecstasy.  Through these emotions we learn the importance of love.  The reason for love and the reason we endlessly search for the ‘perfect’ love that never hurts us or allows us to feel sadness.

Because we have loved… we will inevitably know loss and/or sadness.  This loss and sadness is proof that we have been blessed because we have experienced a love that is so grand it hurts when it is ‘lost’ through the myriad of ways love is ‘lost’.

The first truth is love is never lost it just changes form.  The love that we have had will continue to exist… long after our physical life is over.  The second truth is love NEVER hurts.  It’s the fear of losing love that hurts, the absence of love that makes us ache the most, it may even be the conditions that are imposed from others that hurts, which is never really love.

The good thing is life is always leading us into new experiences where we get to feel deeper love or more pure love, like the love of a child or the divine love we feel when we see a baby for the first time.  These are moments of grace that are gifted to us, we have to keep our eyes open to see these moments when they are presented to us.


Every moment in life is leading us to love. 

  • It is why kindness enriches the soul
  •  It is why laughter fills our heart with spiritual putty


How to incorporate more love everyday: 


  • We all have a purpose in life and although all life purposes vary the one thing that every soul is here to do is to spread love.  It is easy to forget this when life gets busy.


  • Sometimes love makes us feel uncomfortable so if today you can’t choose love, choose kindness.  If you’re not feeling in the mood for either of these there is always tomorrow.  Never stop trying, baby steps always lead into big adult strides.


  •  Always try to speak words of love.  People often remember the words that hurt the most, but words of love leave an imprint forever on their soul.  We have the innate power to leave the world better off because of our ability to love.


It’s the simple things… like the richness of love that brings us the greatest joy in life.  Love allows us to see God’s greatest artwork on display in our everyday lives.  Our soul shines brightest when we express love and because we are wired for love it feels awful when we are living outside of this natural state.

When we have lived a large portion of our lives in fear mode it is often hard to live with love.  We must keep trying, eventually we begin to live everyday with a love so strong it sends waves of love to those who don’t have the strength to love and it becomes a beacon for healing.  Begin with loving consciously… end with loving effortlessly.

And remember the road to love always ends up at the same destination… love.


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