Authentic Living

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” 

 C.G. Jung

In any given moment you have a chance to shine your light on earth, so bright that you leave a trail of sparkly love wherever you tread.  To leave the biggest footprint and to get the optimal brightness out of your light you need to follow your authentic voice.

What is it that makes your heart sing? Do that! Actually… do lots of that! Authentic Living enables you to be true to your heart, to follow the calling of your soul.  The first step in the process is to just show up and commit.

The second step on the path to true authentic living requires deep reflective processing. It requires asking the questions that you may not want answers for. To live Authentically requires accessing the deep hidden well of talents and desires that may have been dormant for years. It needs courage to move past the fear of ridicule or failure.

Authentic Living is not about being nice and it’s not necessarily easy. Authentic living is about creating a passion filled life and it gives you the permission to live the way you truly want. Here’s the thing, you don’t need the permission, just a yearning to follow the messages of your heart, watch how fulfilling your life becomes.

In the words of Steve Maraboli in Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience, “There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you.”  It is true what Steve says people living authentically radiate happiness and joy, the effects of authentic living are both internally and externally evident.

The game changers in the world live authentically, are brave enough to push the boundaries of what is considered ‘normal’.  Remember, what is considered normal today will seem archaic to future generations.  All because some brave soul had the courage to live their passion.


To live authentically requires:

  • Detachment from others judgments of you
  • Being aware of what ignites feelings of passion and happiness
  • Being open to feeling a genuine sense of wellbeing and happiness
  • To open the floodgates to the fear of failure presenting itself in you. To have the courage to move past the fear
  • To live a virtuous life with compassion, kindness and courage
  • Follow through and be committed to living your authentic life
  • To fall in love with yourself
  • To know who you are


Imagine how relationships would flourish if there was only ever authenticity from the beginning, if you didn’t have to change the person ‘you are’ to the person you should be.


Never in history has their been such a big platform to follow your own authentic voice. Anything that is worth it is never easy… if it makes you happy than do it. Life flies by in a blink of an eye and at the end of life there is often regrets, don’t let being true to your authentic self be your regret.

Live your life on Purpose… Make your ‘soul’ purpose authenticity!  You were created for greatness, happiness and joy.  Do just that!

I hope that you find the courage to live your authentic life.

I always write about what I am in the process of learning. To be able to teach, you need to first be a student.  Authentic Living is something that I am extremely passionate about, I can’t imagine not being true to myself now, it would hurt to much and when I fall back into old habits, I suffer.  To be passionate about something, truly passionate is to have purpose and ultimately that is what we are all searching for, a life that feels like we belong, that feels like home.

Love and Light and all things nice,

KR x





Living Kindness

“Kindness is learned moment by moment. But it will always carry most weight when we take it up as a fundamental attitude rather than as a series of individual acts: when we see it as cause and as effect.”
Stephanie Dowrick— Everyday Kindness


Some claim that money will bring you happiness. The weight loss industry makes bucket loads trying to get you to believe that happiness can be found in having the perfect body.  What if the very happiness you have been searching for comes via something as simple as living kindness, compassion & love?

Kindness isn’t a money-making business but the proof is in the pudding.  When you are kind your heart sings, it sets your soul on fire. Your life is changed from the inside out, you feel your heart expand and resonate with universal love.  There is no drug in the world that could create the feeling of pure bliss that an act of kindness creates.

A true act of kindness is Soul fuel.  It is the stuff that magic is made of and the true representation of divine love.  The truth is simple, when you are kind to another soul, you are admitting that you are one.  Pure joy is found in the moments you gift a piece your heart.

Kindness Matters

For your soul 

For you

For Happiness 


Next time you watch an advertisement about a new weight-loss miracle before you bite into self loathing, think about a Random of Act of Kindness (or as I have termed it the Bliss Maker) you can perform, no matter how small.  Change your focus to that of service.

Five simple acts of kindness that you can perform right now:

  1. Compliment three people on Facebook.  Your praise may be the courage they need to keep their sparkle.
  2. Forgive someone today. If you’ve been holding a grudge or have been angry at someone, try to release this situation.  Let them off the hook, just this once.
  3. Join GetUp!  A movement where you can join campaigns and sign petitions on social issues, economic issues and environmental issues:
  4. Sign up to become an Organ Donor.  Register at:
  5. Pray for someone who is sick. Prayer is a selfless, beautiful act of kindness.

My Prayer for you 

May you know kindness

May you embody compassion

May your light shine so bright that you leave a trail of divine light wherever you go

May you get to experience the joy that can be found in the purity of Living Kindness.  

Kindness is the new Black


Meat pies for soul mates

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
~Emily Brontë

The moment that I looked into his eyes.  I knew that we were in love.  I knew that we would spend the rest of our lives together.  I knew there had been other lives.  When we looked into each others eyes we become one.  There was an instant connection at a deep soul level which felt like coming home.  It didn’t matter how this man’s body was packaged.  I loved his soul.  It helped that his was packaged so beautifully… or maybe it didn’t.  I looked into his eyes and I seen sadness, kindness, anger and a twinkle of hope, behind that I seen perfection.  A troubled man whose heart was so big it was hurting… but he was strong.

I felt safe in his arms and comforted in the fact that his strength would carry us through the future hardships we would endure.  They were inevitable.  We were young, afraid, careless but happy.  There were a few litres of Sangria along the way and then a few more.  There were a few meat pies too, before there was vegetarianism, for one of us, there are still meat pies for the other.  There was never any anniversary celebrations, we have spent lifetimes together so you start to lose track after a while.  Our birthday presents were wrapped beautifully, does newspaper count?  When we opened our presents kindness spilled out, there was always kindness.  Even more so now.  Oh… the laughs!  Peace was an unwritten rule when we went to sleep at night, neither of us okay with confrontations.  Then there was sickness and unwavering support.  The gift of children bestowed upon us and unconditional love.  Fear, but mostly unconditional love.

There is by no means perfection here but there is always effort.  We focus on each others strengths, as there are many weakness but eventually you start to forget.  Now that there is surfing and green smoothies, the essence has stayed the same.  We move past shitty things and just continue to hold each others hands, not as much as we should, however the intention is always there.

There is always hope and excitement over what the future may bring.  One thing is a guarantee… more LOVE.

Twelve years… So much gratitude!

Kylie Riordan x


*Disclaimer:  All my blogs are intended to empower you and enable you to take responsibility to make the best choices for yourself.  The choices that I make in MY life may not be the best choices for you.  I do not judge anyone who has different opinions to me.  Kudos to you for choosing your own path in life.  I merely am a human being trying to make my life the best it can be whilst sharing what I have learned along the way.  I am mindful mummy trying to heal and master the art of making one person smile a day… at the least!