Living Kindness

“Kindness is learned moment by moment. But it will always carry most weight when we take it up as a fundamental attitude rather than as a series of individual acts: when we see it as cause and as effect.”
Stephanie Dowrick— Everyday Kindness


Some claim that money will bring you happiness. The weight loss industry makes bucket loads trying to get you to believe that happiness can be found in having the perfect body.  What if the very happiness you have been searching for comes via something as simple as living kindness, compassion & love?

Kindness isn’t a money-making business but the proof is in the pudding.  When you are kind your heart sings, it sets your soul on fire. Your life is changed from the inside out, you feel your heart expand and resonate with universal love.  There is no drug in the world that could create the feeling of pure bliss that an act of kindness creates.

A true act of kindness is Soul fuel.  It is the stuff that magic is made of and the true representation of divine love.  The truth is simple, when you are kind to another soul, you are admitting that you are one.  Pure joy is found in the moments you gift a piece your heart.

Kindness Matters

For your soul 

For you

For Happiness 


Next time you watch an advertisement about a new weight-loss miracle before you bite into self loathing, think about a Random of Act of Kindness (or as I have termed it the Bliss Maker) you can perform, no matter how small.  Change your focus to that of service.

Five simple acts of kindness that you can perform right now:

  1. Compliment three people on Facebook.  Your praise may be the courage they need to keep their sparkle.
  2. Forgive someone today. If you’ve been holding a grudge or have been angry at someone, try to release this situation.  Let them off the hook, just this once.
  3. Join GetUp!  A movement where you can join campaigns and sign petitions on social issues, economic issues and environmental issues:
  4. Sign up to become an Organ Donor.  Register at:
  5. Pray for someone who is sick. Prayer is a selfless, beautiful act of kindness.

My Prayer for you 

May you know kindness

May you embody compassion

May your light shine so bright that you leave a trail of divine light wherever you go

May you get to experience the joy that can be found in the purity of Living Kindness.  

Kindness is the new Black