Simply Being Present

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh

In today’s society people are generally busy, stressed and overwhelmed.  This constant busyness leaves little room to simply be present or little time for relaxation.  It creates a shift away from gratitude, where life’s little blessings are held. Stillness is important for general health and wellbeing.

Boredom is healthy.  Boredom gives our mind a chance to breathe, it brings our body and soul that much-needed sigh of relief.  Creativity flourishes where boredom lives.  Always being busy hushes the deep voice inside your soul that is screaming to express itself but can’t be heard above the busyness that exists.  Sadly in this technological age, boredom seems to be a thing of the past.    Have we forgotten the sacred act of just being?

Have you been longing to feel a deeper connection to life?  To have more gratitude? To simply be more present?

Here’s 5 tips to help you to live in the moment:

  1. Spend time in nature: Take a moment to spend some delicious time in nature.  Connect with its exquisite beauty and peacefulness,  watch as you begin to feel alive after a few minutes.  When you are alone in nature you understand your connection with all of life and you realise how noisy life can be.
  2. Abdominal Breathing:  Abdominal breathing is the most natural form of breathing.  Abdominal breathing increases oxygen in the bloodstream, increasing feelings of relaxation in the body.  When doing abdominal breathing be conscious of the stillness between each breath, this is where you will feel the pure love that radiates in us all, where peace exists.

  3. Try meditation, Yoga or Tai Chi:   Meditation, Yoga or Tai Chi are useful tools to incorporate in your life if you are trying to appreciate each moment.  They allow you to be truly present, they help to reduce the mental mind chatter that seems to be always present and encourages deep clarity and patience.
  4. Awareness – Become aware of your feelings…  Are you tired?  Stressed ?  Be conscious of your emotions, feel them… express them.  You don’t need to label them or even understand them you just need to be aware.
  5. Make peace with the past – When you live in the past you are missing out on the peace and love that may exist in the present moment. Seek comfort in the fact that the past is just a memory now.

A mind that is living in the present moment is free from the pain of the past or the worries of the future.  When you start to live wholeheartedly in each moment you can really begin to appreciate the blessings that are unfolding in life in any given moment.

Right now I am choosing to live in this present moment, because in this moment my children are at school and soon the will be home from school and there will be chaos.  I think I might just stay in this happy place for the time being, for now this moment is all that exists.

Love and light and all things nice!

Kylie Riordan xxx


The Nothingness in Meditation

Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God.

Diana Robinson


I have never really meditated.  Only guided meditation.  Praying is my thing.  I pray because I like to talk a lot… praying gives me the opportunity to talk even more.  I struggle with silence.  When there is silence you can guarantee that if you’re in a room with me, I will start to talk faster than a bullet.  I know that when people hop off the phone to me sometimes they have a headache and that they had forgotten everything that we had just talked about.

I believe there is a part of me that fears silence.  If there is silence does it mean that I have to listen to the voice in my head that is negative or will that fear that I have pushed down rise again?  I’ve worked so hard for this to not happen.

Lately I’ve been feeling a huge nudge to meditate, not guided meditation.  Just sit by myself with nothing else, no music, no talking, nothing.  The idea initially scared the hell out of me.  So I jumped in. I decided to set aside a good two hours to meditate the other day.  When you are a mum of three small children two hours by yourself is better than chocolate.  Nothing competes.  There are a dozen things I could be doing, but this nudge from my angels to mediate was getting stronger.

Recently I have put so much energy into making my body healthy, my soul enlightened; yet I am still not meditating, from my understanding it is one of the most integral steps for developing spiritually, equally as important for good mental and physical health.  It was time to start meditating I was ready.  Praying wasn’t enough anymore.  The visions I had of me meditating weren’t good.  I had thoughts of my mind wondering of me getting a sore back, bored or just over it.

I decided to sit on my bedroom floor (not very special).  The only thing I decided to do was hold onto rosary beads.  I felt guided to do this.  I just sat.  I must admit after the first half hour into the meditation I had fewer thoughts racing into my head.  At about the Forty-Five minute mark I could feel a wave of energy through my body and a loud ringing sound in my ear. Then at one hour everything went completely silent, I was aware of nothingness.  There was blackness; I no longer could feel any body part.  I felt disconnected from everything but connected at the same time.  Another ten minutes after this I felt peace.  Peace is the only word I have that can describe it.  It was beautiful.

Initially I had thoughts of seeing guides or angels or having prophetic visions but there was nothing… a whole lot of nothing.  The nothing was divine, however.  Had I just entered an altered state of consciousness? A place fear no longer resides, where there is stillness, where you no longer feel judgment?  I don’t know, but I now get why people meditate  and I have to do it again.  My energy body feels larger yet lighter.  It is palpable.

The next day after my second meditation there was just peace.  A deep knowing that this fear inside of me is just an illusion, a story.  It is safe for me to be quiet.  I’m only at day two.  I can’t imagine what twenty years of meditating is going to do for me.  I feel blessed I listened to my nudge (quiet forceful yet friendly nudge).

I totally recommend meditation if you haven’t already tried it.  You don’t need any props just a quiet place where you wont be interrupted.  Remember to just let go.  There will come a point where there is only peace.  Remember to ground yourself when you finish.  You need to return back to your body.  You can ground yourself by putting your feet on the grass or touching your body.  Mediation is the way the universe gives you all the guidance and information you need.

I don’t feel the need to talk as much anymore.  I’m sure my husband will be happy with this.

Love and light and all things nice,

Kylie Riordan x