Gratitude: The Secret Gem

“Gratitude is a fullness of heart that moves you from limitation and fear to expansion and love.” Deepak Copra


Gratitude is one of those words that fills your heart with pure joy and peace.  For the most part it has had a religious association but science is now starting to see the benefits of gratitude on health, happiness and prosperity. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude helps to develop a deeper connection to our soul and is an integral virtue for spiritual development.

People who express gratitude are more inclined to be happier, be more empathetic and compassionate.  These virtues go hand in hand.  When we are grateful for what we have we feel a deep connection to others when they are in pain.  Showing gratitude helps us to accept what is and opens the doorway for abundance to enter.

Gratitude creates abundance by shifting our thinking away from what doesn’t work in our life to what is working. It is how we learn to receive what we truly are entitled to.  Abundance is manifested when we believe that we are worthy and we can see with clarity our current blessings.

Oprah Winfrey the most successful woman in the world has written a gratitude list everyday for the majority of her career.  Is she grateful because of her success or is she successful because she is grateful?  My money is on gratitude being the secret little gem.


Robert Emmons an expert on the study of gratitude in his article Five Myths about Gratitude defines gratitude as,  ” A specific way of thinking about receiving a benefit and giving credit to others beside oneself for that benefit. In fact, gratitude can be very difficult because it requires that you recognize your dependence on others, and that’s not always positive. You have to humble yourself, in the sense that you have to become a good receiver of others’ support and generosity. That can be very hard—most people are better givers than receivers.”

He makes a valid point.  Gratitude is not a form of positive thinking it creates a shift in you that says I accept help, I am okay with giving compliments, I have humility.  For all the martyrs out there this can be difficult.

Three ways to include Gratitude into your daily life:

  1.  Each day take a moment to reflect on how incredible life is.  Look at your body, feel your skin, watch a sunset, take a walk in nature, be in awe over the miracle of birth, Smile at a child, belly laugh, feel the deep love you have for your special someone, think about what makes your soul sing.  Be in awe about how incredibly lucky you are for all of this.  Breathe out gratitude.
  2. One of the simplest ways to live gratitude is to write one thing that you are grateful for every night. Trust me when I say this… it won’t be long before there are two things to write and so on.
  3. Another way to show gratitude is to give back to the less fortunate.  If you are grateful for the food that you eat, share it.  If you are grateful for the love that you get from your children, give that love back to your parents or someone else’s parents.

I have seen gratitude work its miracles… it’s a secret little gem.  Invite the powerful, transformative and healing benefits of gratitude to grace your life.

Love and light and all things nice, KR x


The Wings of Faith!


The evolution of man, if it occurs, can only be the result of knowledge and effort; as long as man knows only what he can know in the ordinary way, there is no evolution for him and there never was any evolution for him.


My life story, unlike most life stories is not very interesting, quiet boring truthfully.  There’s not very much to tell when it comes to big dramatic life events like the death of a love one or a life threatening illness resulting in a major epiphany being a catalyst for me.  In saying that I have had some pretty shitty (for lack of a better word) things happen to me, lets be frank we all have.  There is not one human being on this earth that has not experienced great sadness and hardship.  I do hold the belief that these shitty moments have contributed to making my life one big Aha moment, weaving together a multitude of Aha moments that have been the culmination of the lessons I have learnt along the way (thank you Oprah)!  Despite the hardships, positivity always shines through and in my life it wins every race.  I have learned to embrace the darkness so that my light shines more brightly.

I am a child, a mother, a healer, a spiritual being of pure light.  I am the love that binds us all together and connects us to all that is, we all are.  This is in my soul.  I feel it.  In those few moments when I have glimpsed perfection, experienced pure awareness and felt oneness with all, I know that this life (my life) is not boring.  Living in the moment being completely present, how is this boring? Drama Free? Yes? Okay maybe not drama free maybe a lack of attachment to drama because lets be frank I do have three small children and I am human.  Lack of attachment to drama sounds much better.

An Ordinary life through tender love, faith, spirituality and persistent effort will evolve into an extraordinary life.  This is my evolution as I venture through some of life’s simplistic lessons, on Wings of Faith.

Welcome to my blog come for a ride and join me on living the life lessons of an extraordinarily ordinary life!

Love and light and all things nice,

Kylie Riordan x